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LUXE Condominium, Midtown Atlanta


Located in the heart of Midtown, Atlanta, the Luxe condominium offers beautiful views of Piedmont Park and its large lake. Built in 2008, the units feature typical design elements from that period. However, when the time came to update the condo, the clients, who have an international background and a love for Scandinavian design, sought a more open plan with clean lines and bright materials to bring the focus to the views of the surrounding park and lake. Their clear vision and attention to detail made this project remarkable.


The architect's idea was to replace the existing dark nooks and many corridors with a simpler and more elegant flow, where few materials and colors are used consistently throughout the space to create better functionality, harmony, and a sense of calm and order. The long hallway leading from the entry door to the living area and kitchen became a design feature, where one wall, clad with full floor-height ash panels, transforms from flat to a functional kitchen.


Creating modern bathrooms was a challenge in an apartment building where it’s not possible to relocate plumbing fixtures, but it all came together. The main material used in the project is ash, which, with its soft light color and texture, gives warmth and elegance to the interior.


Conceptual design, design development, construction documents, interior and furniture design, construction administration.

Cabinet maker: Eric Mazur from HomeWorks Remodeling

Photographer: Ryan Theede

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